Over the years opinions change.

Since the Bitchslapped project launched this online members site featuring its activity years ago we have watched horrifying stories on the news. The international community have turned to online media as fueling these atrocities. The team here at Bitchslapped have removed lots of material that may have been viewed as extreme or in bad taste and have worked with Online regulators to ensure we allow our fans and members the enjoyment of our photographs and video clips whilst raising the moral bar.

We have always billed what you see on Bitchslapped as "Real" We stand by this in as much as the people involved complete the assignments set in front of Photographers and a video team however everybody does so of their own free will and safety is paramount. Nobody is asked to do anything they are not comfortable doing and artistic license is used to ensure the photographs and videos are entertaining whilst the wellbeing of everyone is monitored.

The Bitchslapped site itself has also changed formats. We used to advertise a days "Slave" training to ladies with a submissive fantasy however we have received lots of fan mail over the years from ladies, Gentlemen and lots of couples who enjoy the photographs and videos enjoying the fantasy of female submission and we continue to aim our media towards these enthusiasts who use the depiction of this fetish to add enjoyment and inspiration to their own loving sex lives. We no longer "Train" anybody only allow those with a wish to try elements of submission in fantasy in a safe responsible manner to be viewed by those with a similar responsible attitude.

Everybody featured on this website is over the age of 18 and we have their details checked and kept on file to ensure this is the case.

We feel we can do no more to ensure the safety of those involved and continue to monitor our media in a responsible fashion.

We can comfortably ensure our many many viewers that the quality of our videos and photographs will remain at the highest of standards and hope that by reading this you can continue to enjoy the entertainment we provide safe in the knowledge that everybody involved is enjoying being involved.

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HARSH Media and BitchSlapped operate to 2257 compliance.