The BS Project opened in 2011 as a website dedictaed to allowing ladies the oppurtunity to play with their own submissive fantasies. Models, actors and actresses were also used to re-enact some of the fantasies that were being shared by our female following.

Some of these acts involved light spanking and other activities popular in the BDSM community which have since been removed. Since 2011 many regulations have come in play controlling what can and cannot be shown on a website such as ours. We have removed these photo collections and films as these regulations have been released.

We found that much of the feedback we have recieved from members in the last 4 years has been down to the love of naked chores and cleaning and metal restraints that were used to enphasize our photos. As this proved so popular we made the decission at the start of 2014 to concentrate our efforts on this type of media. Now this website is devoted to the fetish of naked cleaning and metal restraints that is enjoyed by our male and female members alike and the original name "Bitchslapped" has been dropped in favour of the "BS Project."

The removing of the above material has left some gaps in our members area from previous years. Where possible these have been replaced with material more fitting to what we are now about.


Thanks for reading. If you are over the age of 18 and are comfortable with what you have read then Please continue to the main site



HARSH Media and BitchSlapped operate to 2257 compliance.